A warm welcome to the Enlightenment Transmission Foundation Website!

The ETF is a nonprofit foundation.

Our vision is to allow the Enlightenment Transmission to do its work.

Our mission is to celebrate and enjoy the Enlightenment Transmission’s communion.

Since you may not be familiar with the Enlightenment Transmission, we have written some paragraphs below to try and describe it

Please note, though, that Enlightenment Transmission is not about descriptive words or beliefs but rather personal experience.  So in addition to checking out our website, we encourage you to connect at events both in-person and online!

Sincerely, -The ETF Board

Some descriptive words about the Enlightenment Transmission:

Enlightenment Transmission is an unfathomably wise and intelligent nonphysical energy which permeates space and time in order to restore humanity to its original and natural state of Enlightenment.

The Enlightenment Transmission is the emissary of Consciousness. Consciousness is the Unmanifest from which all creation and manifestation arise. The true nature of every human being is to be simultaneously established within both Consciousness and the world.

Communion with the Enlightenment Transmission, when facilitated by an Enlightenment Transmission Teacher, is simple, easy and effortless – and spontaneously delivers many positive benefits including extraordinary experiences, deep relaxation and a profound sense of well-being.

Some of the ETF’s purposes include:

1. To educate the public about the benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching.

2. To affirm the common spiritual link between all human beings.

3. To support healthy relationships within and outside the Enlightenment Transmission community.

4. To arrange, commission and host Enlightenment Transmission events.